Serving Delmarva since 1952 with Home Heating Oil and Other Heating Products.
Serving Delmarva since 1952 with Home Heating Oil and Other Heating Products.

Customer Information

We offer Fuel Oil and dyed or clear Kerosene, so no matter what product you use you can count on Tilghman Oil Company to be there when you need us. We offer three types of delivery to suit your needs.

We have three choices when it comes to residential delivery. They are automatic delivery, scheduled delivery, and will-call delivery.

Automatic Delivery

We will monitor the weather and schedule deliveries accordingly. We take into consideration not only the temperature but wind and precipitation as well to accurately deliver your heating fuel on time .

Scheduled Delivery

This type of a delivery schedule is based on the calendar. Some people feel more comfortable knowing that we will top their tank off every few weeks. Most people on this plan have us top their tank off every month in the coldest of winter and then every 90 days in the summer. The best part of this plan is that you decide.

Will-Call Delivery

This plan is for people who like to monitor their tank themselves and then call us when they want the oil or when they want to order a specific amount of oil.


Budget Plan

Tilghman Oil’s budget plan helps take the guesswork out of what your fuel bills will be during the heating season by spreading your annual heating costs into TEN even monthly payments. If prices rise, you will be capped at the set price, yet if prices fall below your capped price, at the time of delivery, you will get the lower price. A price protection fee applies to this plan.


Tilghman Oil’s Monthly Budget Plan is available to new and existing customers under the following conditions:

– Customer must be credit approved

– Customer must have a zero balance at the time of enrollment


Equal monthly payments
By spreading your payments from August until the end of May, you gain the security of knowing exactly what you will pay each month. Even if you get more than one delivery in a months’ time, you only have to pay the one budget payment.

Automatic delivery
Takes the worry out of scheduling a delivery or running out of fuel